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My name is Millie Thompson. I was born in Austin. I grew up in a mobile home in Green Pastures in Kyle, Texas.




After moving to Austin for high school at John H. Reagan H.S., I went on to study Anthropology and Sociology at Texas A&M University. After getting my B.A., I completed the course work and passed the comprehensive exams for a M.A. (no degree taken) at the University of Houston in Cultural Anthropology with a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies. Instead of completing my M.A., I decided to go to law school. I did not just want to be an academic. I wanted to actually help people, not just study them.


I graduated from South Texas College of Law in Houston, and I have been practicing law since 2010. I run my own law practice with offices in Dripping Springs and Austin. My husband and I live in Dripping Springs.


I have defended our Constitution one client at a time since 2010. I have practiced law across the State of Texas, taking cases from Galveston to El Paso, Wise County to Gillespie County. I have represented Texans in landlord-tenant disputes, small claims, personal injury, civil rights, probate, guardianship, and criminal defense.


A significant amount of my practice has involved litigating Civil Rights claims in federal court over the last few years, including First Amendment and Due Process claims.


On March 2, 2020, I argued in front of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit regarding a First Amendment Civil Rights case. This was the second time I've had the privilege to argue in front of the Fifth Circuit.

I have experienced unconstitutional procedures in other courts in the past, and I have taken steps to change them. See, for example,

I have decided to run for judge of Hays County Court at Law Number 3, a new court opened in 2018.


My educational background in the social sciences, knowledge of Constitutional law, and experience handling cases across Texas combine so that I have a long list of right and wrong ways to organize a court to ensure the fairest possible procedures.


Hays County will continue to experience a population increase indefinitely into the future. The courts will continue to add more cases. I am asking for your vote so that I can get to work modernizing Hays CC3’s procedures to ensure that they are fair and efficient.





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